Hey :) 

Alice & Eva here - two real-life girlfriends searching for partners in mischief. 

We have been friends for nearly 3 years. Enough time to get to know each other - inside and out ;) 

We two just click. Every time we meet, we find a new thing we have in common. 

When we are together everything seems to flow so naturally. We complete each other - both mentally and bodily. 

And we both have more fun when others are involved in our adventures. 
We both enjoy discovering kink, fetish and role-plays as much as I do. 


Who is Eva? written by Alice 
Eva is incredible. She is my total crush and has a really creative and sexy mind. Her blue eyes are captivating and make my knees week. I know that every time we meet, my heart beats faster and I end up with an unforgettable memory. 

Who is Alice? written by Eva
I really like Alice. She has this amazing, cheerful smile and looks completely innocent. She reminds me of the cute German Exchange student studying with me in High School. I had a huge crush on her. 


Who are you? 
You are simply you -gentlemen, ladies, couples, people with disabilities, all colors creeds, all shapes, sizes, and ages - you are all welcome to join us two. 


Let's make some memories! 

<3 Alice & Eva


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