Terms and Conditions

Start, Duration & Length of the booking:
- Your booking generally starts and ends at the time we agreed on. It is at my discretion to grant you extra time in case you are late.
- In the case of my late arrival, the session starts when I arrive.
- It is a condition of receiving this service for you to shower when asked to. Please ensure your hygiene is adequate, otherwise, another shower is required still on your time.
- Any changes of duration have to be made within 24 hours of the booking. Early conclusion of the session or changes of the duration in less than 24 hours of the booking requires the payment of the full agreed amount.

- All Services are under the discretion of Alice Field.
- Natural sex and Natural Anal Sex is never available.
- Other Services comply at any time with state laws.

- For security reasons, I require for outcalls to private residences a picture of your ID and a picture of a bill with your name and address. Alternatively, 3 references of establishes sex workers. Please ask them for permission to be used as a reference. I am happy to be used as a reference at any time, without asking.
- Deposits are required for bookings outside the CBD. 


- A deposit may be required to secure your booking. If you cancel, deposits are non-refundable.
- In the case of my cancellation, your deposit can either be transferred to a future date or refunded within 3 business days.
- I currently only offer deposits via Beemit, which are secure for both parties. My handle is @AliceField. Please wait with sending the deposit until I have messaged you and confirmed the booking. (download the app here


Filming / Photography Bookings:
- If you agree to a paid filming service on my booking form and I confirm the booking and consent to offer filming or photography services to you - then you are allowed to film our session. It is allowed to be filmed with mine or your device. This Footage (video or photos) is explicitly for your private use only. It is not to be shared, altered, reproduced or viewed by any other individual or site, in part or whole, for-profit or no profit. 




Several behaviours are completely unacceptable during a booking, and will result in immediate termination of your service with no refund. Many will also mean a police report and calling my security to assist me in detaining you for the authorities, or escorting me safely off the premises. I reserve the right to refuse a booking during any point of the booking process if you make me uncomfortable, and to end a booking at any time due to any of the following circumstances.

• Condom tampering is dangerous and illegal behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to: stealthing (removal of the condom without the consent of all parties), deliberately breaking the condom, or compromising the integrity of the condom intentionally in any way. If this occurs during a booking, service will immediately be ceased, and a statement will be made to police. Stealthing is now a crime punishable by law, coming under sexual assault laws.

• Filming or photography without having gained consent beforehand. I charge for images or footage of me during bookings; this means that there will be no consent given for those things unless otherwise agreed in writing, and any images or video taken of me during the booking are classed as "revenge porn". When discovered, this will result in immediate cessation of the booking, seizure of the equipment, and a phone call to police who will come and review any footage or images taken.

• Pushing boundaries and ignoring "no": If I must ask you more than once to stop an activity that I do not like, that will be taken as ignoring my boundaries. Consent is important at all times, and if it is constantly pushed, then the booking will be stopped and we will part ways. You will not receive a refund, as you should understand basic "no means no". This also includes attempting to touch me when I cannot consent to it, like when I'm asleep or intoxicated. If you require a lesson on this before our booking, please let me know. Furthering this to the point of sexual assault will mean a call to police.

• Theft: Attempting to take back the money you used to pay me is considered theft, and it is classed legally as rape by deception. Rifling through my belongings is also unacceptable. These will result in a ban, and a call to the police.

• Property damage on purpose will result in an immediate call to the police, and we will part without a refund.

• Non-disclosure of an STI: I will see clients who have an STI at my discretion, depending on the STI and how it's managed. If you turn up with open sores or other sign of an STI that you did not inform me of, I will cease the booking. You are legally required to inform sexual partners in advance if you are positive for an STI.

• I do not offer party bookings. I do not smoke or participate in drug use. Please do not smoke cigarettes on my premises without my permission. If you bring drugs to my premises, have drugs present at an outcall, or are under the influence of or administering drugs during a booking, I will cancel the booking without refund. Don't spike my drink. 

• Non-payment of funds: If you turn up to a booking with the incorrect amount of money, I will either turn you away at the door after taking the cancellation fee, or hold the cash and send you to an ATM to fetch the rest. This ensures you'll come back, but I may also charge an additional fee for wasting my time if this causes your booking to go over time - otherwise, the time wasted will simply be taken off your booking duration. If you extend the booking, or overstay, you will need to pay the remaining. You can do that immediately following the booking (by getting cash out of an ATM), during the booking (using Beem It), or in the days following. If you refuse, or

ignore my follow up messages, I can and will take it to the police and to my lawyer to pursue you for stolen services.

• Deception: If I have previously stated that you are not a client I wish to see or declined/ignored a booking request from you, and you attempt to book me with different details, I will terminate the booking and take it to the police. This is rape by deception. 


You may request to not appear on camera during a filming/photography booking, or to not show your face or other features - just let me know before the camera starts rolling.