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Terms & Conditions

Let's look together into some details to ensure our time together mutually enjoyable.


You have stumbled over me on your search for a lover also known as escort. Thus, I charge for my time only. What happens between bed sheets is just between us two and always mutually consensual. 




I will always try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Though between casual employment, looking after my health and professional dates, I can sometimes be slow in the booking process. 

If you have contacted me previously and I haven't replies, you are welcome to contact me again and I will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Incalls / Outcalls: 

Incalls refers to bedroom dates that we experience together at my place in Surry Hills. Please note, my incall space is inaccessible. There are stairs connecting every room. This means my place is not accessible for wheelchair or mobility aid users. 

We can meet at your place or a hotel to ensure accessibility. 

Outcalls refers to bedroom dates that we experience together at either your place or a booked accommodation f.e. a hotel. 

I have a little security policy for private residences. I require

- a picture of your ID

- a picture of a bill with your name & address

- a little deposit.


Please note that travel costs might occur. Travel costs are calculated based on the duration of travel and the means of transport. 


I charge deposits to secure time and day for our booking. 
The deposit is 100$ per hour, plus travel costs. 

Generally the deposit comes out of the total cost of your booking. 

You can pay your deposit via BeemIt24/7 Billing & Prezzee.

Some deposits can be replaced by two references. 


We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Sorry to pull you back into reality. 


I believe we should put our health first.
Please reschedule the booking with me in case you feel sick. 


The deposit will be put towards a future booking. 


Please arrive with the full amount in cash and pay in the first 5 minutes. In case you are running short, there is an ATM right across the street and a 100$ on the spot deposit has to be paid.  

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