Adventures are for everyone. 

Let me guide you through my accessible website. 


I will first tell you about myself and then mention how we can go on a date. 


You will then be able to explore my picture stories and sexy videos. 

Before finding out how to contact me. 

Do you remember the previous picture of me? 

This photo is taken from the same series.
I am still standing on a wooden plank wearing short jeans shorts.
This time around I am holding my shirt up with both hands, revealing the underside of my breasts. 


Now I am holding up my shirt and you can see my breasts from underneath.

Pssst! Let's share a secret. 

Just between us:

I am Alice, a 28 year old international student from Europe.

My body is all natural, no tattoos or piercings, just my light skin, soft curves, bush and perky breasts with pink nipples.

I have messy curly hair.

It loves to bounce into my face and to hide my big smile. 

Alice with a big smile in a flower field.

It might not come as a surprise to you.
I added a picture of me with a big smile and curls bounding into my face.
I am sitting in a flower field wearing a cute dress. 

Would you like to go on a date with me? 

I offer professional lover services. 

You can take me on a social date or bedroom date. 

I enjoy spending time with you. Our date will be at least 1,5 hours long. 


What can we do on a social date? 

We could 

  • visit a market, an art gallery or museum 

  • have brunch, lunch or dinner together

  • meet for a chai tea at a café

  • stroll through a park 

  • grab a bubble tea 

  • flirt over drinks at a bar 

  • play in an arcade 

  • watch a movie or musical 

  • attend a pottery or painting class  

If you would like we could hug, hold hands or kiss. ​

Clumsy walking down stairs in a dress

My Social Date Rates are: 

$ 400 for 1.5 hours 
$ 500 for 2 hours  
$ 750 for 3 hours 


additional hours 200$ 

Alice floating in the ocean.

In this picture I am walking down stairs made of stone. 
You can notice I am loosing my balance.
Both my arms are stretched out and my right hand is is holding onto a stone pillar. 

Here is me again, this time floating over the screen.
This picture of me has been taken from above.
My body is partly submerged in water.
I am wearing a bathing suit with Lemons. 


What can we do during a bedroom date? 

Alice sitting on the bed pulling up their shirt and down their pants.

There is a picture of me kneeing on a bed. I am wearing short micky mouse pyjamas. My hair is messy and I am smiling at you.

I am holding my shirt up and covering my boob with my left.

My tummy is revealed and my right hand is sliding into my underpants. 

Spoiler alert - there might be sex involved. ;) 

But let's first talk about consent. 

Consent means we ask for permission before touching each other. 

We can go slow or fast. Do you have a preference? 

Things I like doing in the bedroom include: 

  • hugging 

  • kissing 

  • touching 

  • masturbating 

  • licking pussy 

  • blowjobs and 

  • sex in different positions. 

What would you like to do with me?  

Bedroom Date Rates are: 

$850 for 1.5 h 
$1000 for 2 h 
$1300 for 3 h 
$1500 for 4 h 

additional hours are 250$ 

You can either continue exploring my website or click here to book a date. 


Do you see couples? 

Yes I do. I love playing with one or multiple partners. 

I am pansexual. 
This means I experience attraction to a person not their gender. 

Please let me know how you would like to share your love with me. 

Alice standing nude on a cliff.

Sneaky nude picture coming in.

I  have made some online content. 

You can find it on ManyVids

I haven't used Social Media much recently. But here are the links. 

In this picture I am standing on a cliff.
The ocean is visible in the background.
I am nude. You can see my left perky breast. My left arm covers my buttocks.

My head is softly leaning back, while my hair flows in the wind. 

Me jumping in the woods. My dress blows up and reveals my bush.

Into the woods. 

Me nude sitting in a tree

This time I am jumping onto your screen. The picture captures me mid jump. My dress flows up and reveals my bush. 
I am surrounded by dry grass and trees.  

Beneath are two pictures of me nude in the forest.

I am leaning against the tree while looking at you smiling, in the first one. 


While I am standing in the second one reveal you my bush. 


Me nude in the woods
I am standing in a tree wearing a revealing body suit.

Here I am again climbing a tree.
I am wearing a sexy body suit.
It shows off my butt.
I am wearing ancle high working boots and socks. 

This gallery gets concluded by three pictures in which I am wearing a tight body suit. 

I am leaning on a stone wearing a swimsuit with the message:
"Today is all about you." 


I am sitting on a rock and smiling
Standing in the woods in poppy body suit.

I am leaning against a tree, showing off my body in a poppy flower body suit. 
I am wearing my ancle boots. 

Alice in the bathtub.
Alice in a pullover sitting on a bed.
Back profile of me wearing tights.
Face close up of me smiling at you.
Alice in an elegant dress.


Here is a close up of me in a wool sweater smiling at you.
Would you like to come closer and kiss me? 

Don't be shy.
Otherwise you might miss my bush.
I have moved since the last picture.
I am still wearing the wool pullover. 

Now you can notice I am not wearing underwear. 
I am sitting leaned against the bed, with angled knees. 

I am wearing long socks. 

Now I am laying on my tummy in a bathtub.
You can see my butt, and feet.
I am looking up at you with a cheeky grin. 

I might have trouble attracting social dates when I keep being so cheeky.
So I posted a picture of me in an elegant dress and tights standing by the window.
I am even wearing high heels. 

Okay, that is enough professionalism.
Now you can see how I look like when you take off the dress and only the tights stay on. 

You notice my back and my butt through the tights. 

Alice in underwear stretched out on a couch.

I won't always be wearing tights. So I added a picture of me in underwear.
You can even spot my bush through my underwear and breasts look amazing. 

Me walking nude through water
My back profile nude on the cliffs.
Alice standing nude in river
Me standing nude on a tree next to a river.


You can see me in my side profile.
I am walking through a river.
My wet hair falls against my waist.
You can see my right breast. 

The other picture of this series shows my fully nude body from the front. 
You can see my perky breasts, bush and armpit hair. 

You might slowly start noticing a trend. 
I like standing lightly dressed on trees.
This time I am nude standing on top of a log by the river side.
My legs and body are angled to show off my light curves. 

This collection finishes with two picture of me on the cliffs with the ocean in the background. 

First I am sitting on my knees.
You can see my back and butt, and a glimpse of my right breast.
In the second photo I am captured from above sitting on the cliffs.
My hair is blowing in the wind and I am smiling.
You can see my boobs and my stretched out long legs. 

My body is shown in full frontal nudity on the cliffs.

Write me to arrange a date. 

I love meeting new partners and have a lot of fun on dates. 

But I am terrible at organising appointments.

Receiving a lot of messages can be overwhelming sometimes.
Additionally, the current pandemic makes me quite cautious.   

I promise I am trying to get better in messaging you back. :) 

You can also view my contact details and read my Terms & Conditions below. 


Contact Details:

Please let me know the following

- your name
- type of date (social or bedroom) 
- meeting place 

- length 
- date & time 

when contacting me. 


You can either write me 

- a text or WhatsApp message to 0477 247 706 


- an E-Mail  

You can look under my dress while I am walking up stairs.

This picture shows me walking up stairs.
I am wearing a short dress and the angle reveals a glimpse on my buttocks. 

Terms & Conditions

Let's look together into some details to ensure our time together mutually enjoyable.


You have stumbled over me on your search for a lover also known as escort. Thus, I charge for my time only. What happens between bed sheets is just between us two and always mutually consensual. 




I will always try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Though between casual employment, looking after my health and professional dates, I can sometimes be slow in the booking process. 

If you have contacted me previously and I haven't replies, you are welcome to contact me again and I will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Incalls / Outcalls: 

Incalls refers to bedroom dates that we experience together at my place in Surry Hills. Please note, my incall space is inaccessible. There are stairs connecting every room. This means my place is not accessible for wheelchair or mobility aid users. 

We can meet at your place or a hotel to ensure accessibility. 

Outcalls refers to bedroom dates that we experience together at either your place or a booked accommodation f.e. a hotel. 

I have a little security policy for private residences. I require

- a picture of your ID

- a picture of a bill with your name & address

- a little deposit.


Please note that travel costs might occur. Travel costs are calculated based on the duration of travel and the means of transport. 


I charge deposits to secure time and day for our booking. 
The deposit is 100$ per hour, plus travel costs. 

Generally the deposit comes out of the total cost of your booking. 

You can pay your deposit via BeemIt

Some deposits can be replaced by two references. 


We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Sorry to pull you back into reality. 


I believe we should put our health first.
Please reschedule the booking with me in case you feel sick. 


The deposit will be put towards a future booking. 


Please arrive with the full amount in cash and pay in the first 5 minutes. In case you are running short, there is an ATM right across the street and a 100$ on the spot deposit has to be paid.  

Alice in a dress leaning against a tree.