Do you get regularly tested for STDs? Are you free from disease? 

I take my health and keeping other people safe is my highest priority. Therefore I am getting tested regularly (min. 4 times a year - recommended for sex workers).  This means that every 3 months I get taken my swabs and blood to get checked. :) 

My last STD check was in Melbourne on the 

My favorite place to get check-ups done in Sydney is the Sydney Sexual Health Clinic. You can go there for free, sign- up anonymously and your medicare card is not needed. This means - it can be used by international travelers as well.
I will always do a quick health check on you when you arrive. This is just a visual check. Most STDs don't have symptoms. I recommend lovers to get tested at least every 6 months or after unprotected sex. 

Please find out more information here: http://www.sshc.org.au

In case you have more questions about STDs, you can call up the Sexual Health Helpline. https://shq.org.au/services/sexual-health-helpline/

Is That You in the Pictures?


 How Much Notice Do You Require?

Do you enjoy your job? 

Could you give me a discount?

What fantasies do you provide for?

How Will You Be Dressed For Our Date?

I don't want to give you my personal details, can I book you without doing that?

What Qualities Do You Find Desirable In a Man?

What is included in the rate & what services do you offer?

I like to arrange a longer booking: 

Do you see older clients/overweight clients/gender-queer/disabled/clients of a different nationality?

Are you an independent escort? 

Appearance & hygiene 

Do you accept gifts? 

 I have never done this before, what can I expect?

What information do you need for me when I make a booking?

Can I give you a call? 

What are your boundaries? 

What payments do you accept? 


Erectile dysfunction 


Are you available now 

Are you discreet? 

Body Hair 

Does my "Size" matter to you? 

No, it absolutely doesn't. One of my specialties is actually to accommodate any size. I have condoms in 7 different sixes+ female condoms. This means we will definitely find the right fit for both of us to enjoy each other.