Adventures are for everyone!

Sexuality and Intimacy are for everyone. It touches our hearts, souls, and minds. And the beauty is, you can choose a special person to share this moment with. 

Maybe, I am the lucky chosen one? 

I love to meet people with all different kinds of sexual experiences and abilities. I like just to let ourselves flow naturally and ease ourselves into exploring our deepest desires and discovering lust. 


I myself am a late discovered autistic woman with multiple learning disabilities. I want to use my different abilities to learn more and stand up for disabled people*.
I had the chance to extend my knowledge during the 
Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT) provided by Touching Base Inc. 

I am happy to assist with your needs. To ensure we are both having fun in a safe and supportive environment, I would need to know about things that might be relevant for our appointment.  This also ensures that our time together is spent with pleasure. 

My place next to Central station is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible at the moment but I am working on a solution. 


In the meanwhile for $100 deposit I will happily book a wheelchair friendly room in the CBD.

You can connect with me via text and E-Mail. I would love to meet you and am happy to answer any questions. 

<3 Alice 

P.s. I also take any reason to travel. If you'd like to inspire me to travel to your Town, please subscribe below. 


* I personally prefer the use of identity-first language (disabled person), compared to person-first language (person with disability). I have learned that the use of person first language has been established by abled people, and the disability movement is pushing for being accepted as disabled people. Of course every person is different, so please let me know your preference. 

Parents, Carers and Support Staff

Thank you for taking the first step in supporting someone to live and experience their sexual freedom. I understand that this can sometimes be a difficult topic to approach. I am here to assist you with any questions. 

Please send your initial inquiry via text, e-mail or booking form. I am happy to arrange a phone call to discuss all the relevant details. 

I am based in Sydney CBD, though am happy to travel to you. Let me know where in Australia you are located, and perhaps we can make an arrangement in the near future. 

I am happy to provide a receipt or invoice for people with funding. Payments can be moreover made via bank deposits. 

Please note, I am not able to provide transfers to and from the bed. I would welcome your support in the beginning and at the end of the booking, to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. I would also ask you to wait in one of the nearby cafes during our session. 


Touching Base Inc. supports people with disabilities to access sex workers. They have a list of Frequently Asked Questions, 10 tips for clients and a Policy and Procedural Guide, which can be helpful in addressing this journey. Moreover, they have booklets that explain to clients what happens during our session.