Let's catch up for a chat. 
We can grab a tea, go for a walk along the harbor or... 

Would you prefer to catch up and chat over tea or on a walk alongside the harbor? 

20 min social 100 $ 
30 min social 150 $ 
1 hour social 200 $  

add. hours are 150$

Only between 
(8 am & 4 pm)

Would you like to go on a Blind Date? 

We can meet at a bar, a restaurant, a market or the beach. Let's get to know each others minds better, before we get to explore our bodies :) 

3 hours 1100$ 
4 hours 1350$ 

add. blind date hours are 250$ 

Let's have some bedroom fun :) 
1 hour 500$ 
1,5 hours 750$ 

Incalls and Outcalls 
2 hours 950$ 

350$ add hours 

* add an add. 100 on top
for NGFE or DGFE per person


*If your partner in mischief isn't with you yet, now is definitely the right time to make them join you. This is about both of you and your connection as partners." 

I would like to be your unicorn! :) I find discovering the connection between couples is absolutely amazing. Being part of one of your moments would be an absolute divine to me. 

I promise I will always see you as one unit and hope that our time together can strengthen the bond between you two. 

There are a lot of fun things we can do together. We can either stay vanilla or try out my big collection of toys. 

Would you like to tell me about your fantasy? :) 

I would love to hear from you! 
<3 Alice 

P.s. I will generally only see you as a couple. If both of you agree to see me alone, I open for this pathway as well. 


May I join you? 



Escort for Couples