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Pssst! Let's share a little secret. Just between us - I am Alice - a 25 year old international student, born in Switzerland and raised across Europe. 

My body is all natural - no tattoos or piercings, just my light skin, soft curves, curly hair and bush and perky breasts with pink nipples. 

I love my wild curly hair bouncing into my face and  partly hiding my blue eyes and big smile. 

Who do you want to be with me?

//In a nutshell 

> 25 years old
> 172 cm high
> Size 8
> 10D perky & natural breasts 
> Caucasian 

> Swiss born, raised across Europe
> wild curly caramel hair 
> blue eyes
> no piercing/ no tattoos

What I am passionate about 

"Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous",

is one of my favourite quotes. I am trying to experience something new every single day. 
It must not be anything big - trying a new recipe, learning about a new topic and meeting new people are some of my favourite ways to inspire myself. 

I love the outdoors and am trying to escape the busy city life as often as possible. Camping and hiking are some of my favourite hobbies, finding treasures (geocaching) and shooting my own art and pictures are my passion.


When I first arrived in Australia I started exploring the country by travelling around and volunteering in environmental protection. Therefore I am trying to live as sustainably as possible. Reusable bags, eco-friendly clothes and reducing waste are some of my attempts. I am not perfect, no question, it's just one of the things I like to do. I am also a bit of a minimalist, preferring to collect memories and pictures instead of souvenirs. 

I must admit, cities have their charms as well. I love finding hidden lane ways, bars and secret spots and watching the city I am in from  a different angle. 

Why I love what I do

"Use your smile to change the world, 
don't let the world change your smile." 

Escort was definitely not on my childhood dream job list. I wanted to become a veterinarian, an artist, a secret spy and later work for the UN or EU.
My little study adventure to Australia inspired me to try out new things. The secret world of sexwork attracted my curiosity early on,  and adventurelust...

A couple of months later met my first client.
My heart pounding, adrenaline rushing through my body - I felt nervous but also incredibly excited.

Meeting a stranger and shortly after ending up naked and with removing the clothes letting the world stop for a moment.

And suddenly we were secret friends, companions in mischief as well as lovers. And afterwards it stays a memory just between us. 

There were and are definitely some critics towards my dream job, though this happens to everyone, 
I love sexwork because making others happy, makes me happy.


..Turn me on... 

… before our clothes are off. 

However you feel is more comfortable for you, but I guarantee everyone really is turned on by one thing…solving something you never knew..

Tell me what you like, and I will tell you what I like, how I enjoy seeing your eyes light up at the possibilities, a guaranteed turn on for me is realising how best to spark a flame.


Show me where you want to be touched and I will show you where I liked to be touched, anywhere there is a spark between us- and then slowly finding them across every inch of our bodies till the fire in our eyes warms our bodies that we don’t need clothes for the rest.

Oh! Did I let slip a few things to warm you up?

Oh well, then I can show you the way to my secret spots and deepest desires.

I love being teased, from head to toe. Light little touches, fingers running slowly over my body, before your lips start making their way down my neck, my breasts. Tickling my nipples before touching my waist, my round butt and making their way down to my feet. Touch my whole body, before exploring my natural bush and make me moan.


Find my secret spots and I promise to find yours and blow your mind.

..My photos are my art
- come and see me

I love to create as much as possible myself - find secret photo locations, build my own website, create a logo and partly sew my own underwear. 

I must admit, I am not able to manage all of this alone. I am really lucky to have found my best friend and partner in mischief, who supports me, inspires me, encourages me and catches me when I fall.
Being surrounded by love and support of another person made me grow and receive so much love I like to share with others.
Thank you for capturing those amazing moments and freedoms and let other people share our memories and thoughts. 

I hope you will enjoy checking out my art <3 






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