Would you like to be my blind date? 

Let's make some mischief! 
I want both of us to think back at our moments together and leave with fun and amazing memories. I am European - I like to flirt and build up the tension, before desert. I love using secret and discreet moments to exchange little smiles and touches and maybe we can even sneak a kiss.  

Is there a particular activity you always wanted to try? 

Some of my dream date ideas are: 

- Brunch, Lunch, Dinner in the Dark
- Bubble Tea, Coffee, Ice Cream  
- Arcade, Bowling, Movies
- Theaters, Musicals, Galleries, Operas 
- Pottery or Painting Classes 
- Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing

What would you like to tick off your bucket list? :) 

<3 Alice 

I would love to give you hugs, hold your hand and give you little kisses in public. Let me know what you are comfortable with regarding PDA (Public Display of Affection) :) 


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