Is it your first time? 
That's okay, I've been there too. I will try and answer a couple of questions, which a lot of people would like to know, but might be to shy to ask 

1. Incall 
You can book either online or message me.
Once our date is arranged I will let you know a nearby address to where I am staying. I might be staying in a hotel or an Apartment. Either way I will always ensure it is discreet - for both of us.  
I often will tell you a location from which I can check  
I will send out an appointment reminder before the bookings. It will let you  know an address near me. It will also include the confirm the agreed donation. As soon as you  arrive please text me :) 

2. Once we meet! 
I might greet you at the agreed address, or meet you at the door - depending on discretion. I love to great with a hug, let me know if this is not okay with you. Once we are inside it's time for some fun. Though there is a little bit of maintanence to do :) It would be lovely if you could give me the donation in the first 5 minutes. I find undressing someone really sexy, when I can help you undress.